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Paddling is a non-profit organization and a menstrual hygiene initiative based out of Mumbai, India. Our team works towards creating awareness about menstruation and menstrual hygiene as it is one of the most incognizant issues India faces today. 

We conduct a number of campaigns through which we distribute menstrual products in areas with restricted access to menstrual hygiene and awareness. Our aim is to eradicate social myths & taboos that have revolved around menstruation for generations and create an environment for a healthy discussion and understanding of it. Thus, creating a taboo and period poverty free society.


If menstrual hygiene is not taken into consideration and no effective measures are taken, the taboo surrounding menstruation will persist. Periods, a biological function of the body, will continue to be misunderstood and diseases such as UTI, RTI, vaginal and fungal infections, as well as psychological impacts such as depression, lack of mobility, and confidence will only become graver and harder to treat. It is important for the misinformation to be curbed quickly and therefore Paddling is devoted to cultivating a healthy and informative discussion around menstruation.

Menstrual Effects

Possibilities that we plan to create

1. School sanitation project - Looking after the overall development of schools in remote areas with relation to sanitation facilities, provision of menstrual products, sensitivity towards menstruation through education and awareness.

2. Menstrual education - Conducting workshops explaining the biological, psychological, and social factors of menstruation in creative ways to enable people in viewing menstruation with an embracing lens.

3. Distribution - The free distribution of sanitary napkins in areas that lack access, availability, or awareness of menstrual products.

4. Menstrual shops - Enabling women in remote areas to empower themselves by setting up shops selling menstrual products at a subsidized rate, thus providing them a source of income while also catering to the community at large.

5. Disposal - Encouraging use of sustainable menstrual products and eco-friendly ways of disposal of sanitary napkins.

6. Health campaigns - Conducting free gynaecology camps in adopted areas that lack access to professional doctors due to lack of financial or geographical access.   


Paddling foundation aims to empower period havers on menstrual hygiene and menstrual health through education and awareness.



1. Creating a healthy and destigmatized environment where menstruation is no longer a taboo.
2. Menstrual education and distribution of menstrual products to generate awareness about menstrual health and hygiene in communities across India.  



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Registered under the Office of Assistant Charity Commissioner, Mumbai.

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