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Dipika Daga / Saloni Bhutra
+91 982 098 2485 / +91 779 763 0797 /

Divyanshi Muchhal
+91 940 682 6148

Divyanshi Mucchal
+91 940 682 6148

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Paddling Foundation focuses on the objective of empowering girls and women to eradicate the stigma about period by spreading awareness about breaking outlawed taboos and educating about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. Learn more.

Founded by Dipika Daga in December, 2018, who set up her team and departments by February 2019. Paddling Foundation got registered in 2019.

Collected fund is taken care by the admin by allocating it for various requirement. It goes to the menstrual shops, used for buying menstrual prices for distribution, for logistics, incentives to volunteers and their travel reimbursement, and other minor requirements for resources during events, workshops, advertising shoot,etc.

It is voluntary to be a part of Paddling, for which just fill out the forms from the careers menu above, once they are filled and submitted, the respective department holds interview on call, and volunteers are selected according to the required eligibility.

Paddling believes in empowering women and girls of all ages, especially from remote areas where development is focused on through education and awareness along with monthly distribution of menstrual products.

Menstruators from backward classes are the targeted beneficiaries. Paddling foundation also conducts on ground campaigning for distribution of biodegradable menstrual products with the aim to eradicate period poverty.

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Reg No: 35460
Registered under the Office of Assistant Charity Commissioner, Mumbai.

 +91 779 763 0797
      +91 940 682 6148