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"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."
– Amy Poehler


Dipika Daga

"Personally struggling with the menstrual taboos engraved in the society aspired me to gather like minded individuals to fight against the menstrual taboo, while also making menstrual hygiene and menstrual education a right of every woman and not a luxury. Periods is the reason you and me are breathing today. Break the taboo, PERIOD!"

"An individual should not be devoid off of a normal lifestyle simply based on the beliefs of a taboo. Being on period is as natural as sweating after a workout session. Paddling has been like a small kid to me, as it grew, I grew. The memories and experiences I've had here are intangible. With paddling, I aspire to educate and reach out to more people! "

"Periods are a normal biological process and a key sign for reproductive health, yet it is neglected and shamed by our society. As a female I’ve personally encountered a lot of stereotypes, Paddling will help me break the taboos and make this world a better and a safer place for women."

"Irrespective of the privilege, menstrual hygiene can make or mar woman's life due to the lack of awareness and accessibility. Myself along with paddling aim to break the taboos associated with it and reach out to more and more women from even the remotest part of the country."

"Being a member of Paddling has invoked a deep sense of responsibility in me. By leading the content team, I strive to create a platform where women can be empowered, period taboos can be busted and menstrual hygiene and health can be discussed openly."

"Being an IT engineering graduate, I always wanted to utilize that technical knowledge for a societal cause. Paddling as an organization gives me that perfect oppurtunity to make a difference and apply my skills for the greater good of the society."

"I’ve been working as a film maker and photographer since two years now. But until now, I’d never been able to give back to the society. Paddling as a foundation seems very ambitious to me, and that makes me want to help them and lead them in the creative sector."

"Paddling has given me the opportunity to utilize my passion for finance for a great and much-needed cause. It has also provided me with a purpose that inspires me to do better every day and make a tangible impact on people’s lives."

"A whole lot of us menstruate, yet our bodily functions are alien to us. Period poverty is a public health issue, yet the conversation around menstruation is hushed. Writing is a power tool that can beget change. Through our blogs, I aim to create awareness and encourage an inclusive discourse about menstruation."

"Marketing for me has always been about making change happen and Paddling Foundation is an ambitious organisation that is striving towards bringing a major change. Working here gives me the perfect opportunity to give back to the society through my expertise in Digital Marketing."



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