Paddling Foundation


"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."
– Amy Poehler


Dipika Daga

"Personally struggling with the menstrual taboos engraved in the society aspired me to gather like minded individuals to fight against the menstrual taboo, while also making menstrual hygiene and menstrual education a right of every woman and not a luxury. Periods is the reason you and me are breathing today. Break the taboo, PERIOD!"

"An individual should not be devoid off of a normal lifestyle simply based on the beliefs of a taboo. Being on period is as natural as sweating after a workout session. Paddling has been like a small kid to me, as it grew, I grew. The memories and experiences I've had here are intangible. With paddling, I aspire to educate and reach out to more people! "

"Periods are a normal biological process and a key sign for reproductive health, yet it is neglected and shamed by our society. As a female I’ve personally encountered a lot of stereotypes, Paddling will help me break the taboos and make this world a better and a safer place for women."

"As a computer science graduate, I have always wanted to utilize my technical knowledge for a societal cause. Paddling as an organization gives me that perfect opportunity to make a difference and apply my skills for the greater good of society. Also, it allows me to collaborate with like-minded individuals equally passionate about leveraging technology for positive social impact."

"Half of the population menstruates and yet everybody whispers about it.
Paddling Foundation being a youth driven organization is all set to put the taboos to rest and to work towards ending period poverty. Through them I have had the most humbling experiences that makes me more passionate about the cause where I can learn and unlearn each day."

"Having grown up with period taboos around me, I felt it deeply with my heart when a menstruator was treated as an untouchable. To recognize our privilege to access is a blessing and to provide everyone with the same amenities i grew up with is what I truly believe in. Let's build a taboo-free world, a world well-educated on menstrual health one day at a time. Period!"

"Menstrual stigma is inflicted on one-half of our population even in modern times. The thought that in rural areas menstruating individuals are still weighed down by unfounded taboos intimidates me as a young woman. With Paddling, I strive to spread awareness and debunk the myths about menstruation."

Sakshee Thakkar

"From joining Paddling as a shy 20 year old to becoming a confident 23 year old, my journey so far truly has been amazing! Paddling has provided me with a safe space to experiment, make mistakes, and learn valuable lessons. I hold a deep appreciation for Paddling, as it has played a significant role in my personal growth. It holds a special place in my heart."

"Being a student of psychology I've always been very interested in knowing about people and understanding them. Paddling gave me a reason to understand more of this in depth as to how one single aim can connect people globally. I aspire to connect with more people and help the paddling foundation grow in various aspects."



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